Complete bagging plants for bags, Big Bags, Oktabins and others. Automatic weighers for the goods received, quality control, loading.

Special solutions for weigher-technically problemful bulk materials, e. g. weighers with automatic cleaning mechanism, bagging plants in special dust proof execution.


From our extensive program we select the model best suitable for your need. Depending upon product and targeted application a gross or a net weigher can be, a drum container weigher or a tilting container weigher. All weighers can be supplied in mechanical execution or with electronic control.

Bagging Units

Our experience of many years in the bagging technology, as well as the integration of customer requirements let LIBRAWERK develop a new concept for a bagging automat.

Valve bag systems

Pneumatic packer, spin valve bag (centrifugal) packer and valve bag screw feeder packer.

Big Bag Filling Plants

LIBRA Big Bag filling plants are world-wide in use for most different products with a weighing range up to 2000 kg.

Dosing systems

Sealing Machines

Sealing machines and sealing conveyors.

Palletizing Technology

Palletizing Technology,  Palletizing robots


Bag clamps etc.