From our extensive program we select the model best suitable for your need. Depending upon product and targeted application a gross or a net weigher can be, a drum container weigher or a tilting container weigher.

All balances can be supplied in mechanical execution or with electronic control.

With the bottom discharge weigher we have two special forms:

The double bin weigher, with the two weighing bins in a singel housing which are alternately filled and emptied as well as the 2-way-discharge weigher, which can empty alternatively into a bagging funnel to the open bag filling or into gutter-pipes for the valve bag filling.

Our spectrum of weighers:

  • Net Weighers
    • Series DYNAMIC
    • Series BE
    • Series BE2W
  • Gross Weighers
    • electronic controled gross weigher
    • automatic drum bin weigher for all special weighing tasks
  • Bulk weighers for receiving and loading