Net weigher


LIBRA DYNAMIC™ - the high speed weigher of the new generation.

LIBRAWERK offers the new weigher generation after the technological advancement of the proven Libra weighers and the pertinent Libratronik:


Weighers for most exact dosing (3 sigma < 21 gram) and high capacity performances (up to 2000 discharges/hour) with free flowing, granulates, e. g. plastic granulates.


Series BE

Design features:

  • Load containers with pneumatically operated bottom flaps
  • Weighing system with 2 strain gauge load cells in protection class IP 67
  • Suspension with damper and steering to stabilize the load container
  • Control LIBRATRONIC 20 ™
  • Case in steel construction with large service openings on all sides

Area of application:

  • Depending on the nature of the sample, the weigher can be assigned with different feeders
  • Weighing range: 10kg - 1000kg
  • Capacity: up to 1000 discharges / h

Series BE2W

Special equipments of the series with the same design features and for the same areas of application, however with a special load container for discharge in two directions, e.g. for two filling machines or two gutter-pipes.


Automatic drum-bin-weigher for special dosing tasks

The supply mechanism feeds the product to the drum container and fills it with the preset quantity.

The supply mechanism throttles gradually the product flow and terminates it with reached weight.

For discharging the drum container by is turned by a gear motor for 360 degrees. The container can be cleaned inside and outside. Thus the empty tare does not change.

Balancing range and capacity

The weighers are supplied for fillings between 10 and 600 kg. The capacity of the weuighers depends on the kind of the feeding equipment, on the bulk material weight and the fluidity of the product, on the discharge quantity and on the kind of the control.

With most products capacity is higher than 200 discharges per hour.


Construction was made especially for easy maintenance and dust free operation. That was realized a closed Steelhousing and an external controls- equipment.