Plant engineering


Due to newly developed mechanical and electronic components, we can exceed all previously known boundaries in performance and accuracy of filling with LIBRA DYNAMIC 3000.

Recent advances in dynamic weighing technology enables us to offer 100% weight optimized discharges of 25 kg with LIBRA DYNAMIC 3000. A new concept of the metering systems  gives us the best capacity and accuracies.

This system uses a physical model of the weigher for  continuous optimization of the feeding profile. That means  minimization of vibrations and reaching the preselected weight in the shortest possible time.

The position of the dosing feeder  is optimized up to 50,000 times per second and this ensures optimum material feed. Concomitant amazing   Improvement in accuracy is achieved. by continuous evaluation of the measuring signals and the corresponding, immediate, dynamic positioning of the feeder.

LIBRATRONIC Dynamic 3000

All this is done without any loss of time and without any load on the microprocessor of the LIBRA DYNAMIC 3000 electronics within a newly developed chip that generates all necessary signals for the metering in its real-time calculator.

The enhanced mechanical properties in conjunction with the new drive concept for the dosing unit, does amazing things. During test runs well over 2700 discharges per hour with 25 kg with an accuracy of (+ -) 30 grams have been realized.