Accessories Big Bag systems


The suspension mechanics for big bags is adapted to each individual bag, for example, 1,2 or 4 carrying loops. The inliners are attached with manually or pneumatically operated jaws  or a swelling tube at the filling spout.

The weighing is done via hanging on loadcells or via  a floor weigher.


For the dosage, which is normally done in coarse and fine stream, for different product characteristics are different devices, such as intake valves, gate valves, belt feeder, vibratory feeder, auger, etc. are available.


Various accessories

The control of the respective metering is done by our verifiable electronic balance control LIBRATRONIK.

To meet the various operating conditions, a wide range of options and accessories are available.

For this purpose include vibrating devices to compress the product, ionizers for statically charged products, automatic load loop unlocking systems, clip Verschließgeräte, roller conveyors, empty pallet magazines, accessories for filling of octabins, barrels or other large containers, etc.