Bagging unit LIBRA ASA

The bagging machine LIBRA-ASA, in conjunction with the electronic digital electronic weighing scale of the new generation, is  the heart of a modern automatic bagging.

A continuously  holding of the bag, from picking up the empty bag out of  the magazine, during the filling process, until transport into the sealing machine enables precise guidance of the bag. The processes are synchronized mechanically. All drive and guide elements are "overhead" arranged so that the floor is completely free.

Different bag types such as flat bags, gusseted bags or pinch-top bags can either be processed, changes are not required. Width and length adjustment can be carried out with little effort or can be automated.

Faulty bags are automatically rejected. The filling is dustproof and have an inside and outside de dusting. The enclosed design carries the stringent requirements for safety and cleanliness at the workplace.

For the bag closure - from sewing to the hermetically-sealed closure - the whole range of sealing machines available. Fluidized and compressible filling materials be bagged efficiently by compression facilities.

Automatic empty bag applicator

Our empty bag attachments actual machine for paper, plastic, cloth and jute bags.

Opening the empty bag takes place in accordance with the bag material with a vacuum or with the aid of the patented mechanical grip system.

Bag-in-bag dispenser / bagging unit LIBRA-ASA/SIS

For hygienic or transport reasons, filled bags often require protective packaging. The bag-in-bag machine LIBRA-ASA/SIS provides the filled bag with a "second skin". Used are paper and plastic, or woven bags.

Bagging unit LIBRA ASA / S

Our bagging LIBRA-ASA / S is suitable for plastic bags. The welding of the top seam by means of integrated impulse sealing.

All drive and guide elements are arranged "overhead".