Pneumatic packer HSP 25

This construction includes many years of experience in process technology and the technology of HSP 50 is incorporated and has been further developed.

Developed by Natronag bagging is distinguished by its particularly compact design. The small dimensions of these bagging machine allow many more, to the individual space customized installation options.

The machine is ready to plug and play with their installation when connected to the compressed air supply and the electric power supply in the shortest time. All control units and control panels are located ready for use and extremely user-friendly.


Various designs

Are versions of bagging it for:

Manual bagging
That means application of the empty bags by hand, and release of the full bag manually or by  a vertical bag rejector arranged in front of the machine over a conveyor.

Automatic Bagging
That means, the filling machine is combined with an empty bag applicator an the filled bag  falls, if an additional bag sealing unit is used, after the sealing of the bag on a conveyor located in front of the machine