Valve bag screw feeder packer

Developed by NATRONAG this bagging machine is particularly suitable for powdery and / or small granular materials of difficult flowing characteristics. Bulk samples are mealy, like semolina, mixed or chemical products.

The bulk material is feeded with the aid of a screw feeder into the valve bag. The filling of a bag with a screw feeder has the advantage that the filling material is already compressed in the screw. Thereby the valve bag is filled very compact and the empty bag can be smaller than with other methods of filling.

After attaching to the fill tube, the filling process is started. Follow the work of the bag weighing and filling take place simultaneously and are controlled by the electronic weighing unit. After completion of the filling process by the target weight, material flow will be cut  and the bag can be removed. The bagging capacity of this machine type is up to 180 b/h.

The bagging of the screw feeder packer can be automated by an empty bag applicator and/ or a valve bag sealing unit.

Various designs

Are versions of bagging it for:

Manual bagging
That means application of the empty bags by hand, and release of the full bag manually or by  a vertical bag rejector arranged in front of the machine over a conveyor.

Automatic Bagging
That means, the filling machine is combined with an empty bag applicator and/or a valöve bag sealing unit.

This bagging machine can be used as single or series machine - equipped with all levels of automation.